Never Traditional - Always World Class

Discovering that exceptional cup of coffee means there must be balance in the cup and sparkling acidity in the flavor ….and never settling for traditional flavors.

Taste Excellence For The First Time

Beacon Coffee sources exceptional, Single Estate coffees from family farms that make quality paramount to their farming and milling practices.

Responsibly Sourced

We happily pay a premium for these exceptional coffees to continually assure that our farmers, their families, and their workers have a higher quality of life that includes education, health care & housing.

Thoughtfully Roasted

Each world-class coffee is hand roasted in small batches using an artisan process, then daily cuppings of each roasted batch are consumed, verifying the final taste achieves the unparalleled flavor that is Beacon Coffee.

The Finest Coffee for Unbridaled Taste. Select lots...constant attention to results...elegant flavors...

Extract all the flavor of Beacon's World Class coffee ...whether it is the Pour Over method, French Press or drip...

World class coffee starts with the farm and the people behind the farm...